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has the yet to show how many people have signed up for obama care. and now, we likely know the reason why. >>> above and beyond. an officer telling her survivor story about getting shot in the face twice. >> he's firing. he's firing. >> and what she did after this shooting is just remarkable. >>> moving target. a skydiver with skill that you have to see to believe. >>> good morning to you. i'm reenen ninan. candy high with lots of sugar in me. in for diana perez. we begin with a frightful night of halloween storms. >> a powerful system, reaching 2,000 miles, from maine to louisiana. it's being blamed for one death in tennessee, where a young boy was electrocuted. >> the storm left a destructive trail, including a tornado in texas. tahman bradley has the latest. >> reporter: mother nature delivered a trick. frig frightening weather that put halloween on hold. several areas were flooded. cars were no match for the rising waters. helicopters rescued hundreds. south of austin, emergency crews in boats went door-to-door. they saved one family, including their dog, stuck on a roof. >> wow.
themselves in this situation. >> president obama, talking to americans losing their health care coverage, despite his assurances. critics are already calling it half-hearted. >>> a delivery in the nation's heartland. and the driver who survives a fireball. >>> for the second-straight year, stanford pounds out a win over oregon. and their fans take to the field to celebrate. >>> good friday morning. going to get right to it now. a giant storm, bearing down on the philippines this morning. ripping through the vulnerable islands with deadly force. >> it's being called a supertyphoon. one of the most powerful on the planet. winds have toppled 200 miles an hour. and the storm is far from over. we begin with abc's dan harris. >> reporter: it's called supertyphoon haiyan. it's 300 miles wide. and it's bearing down on the philippines right now. this storm has had wind gusts of 235 miles per hour. that is comparable to an extremely powerful category 5 hurricane. evacuations have been ordered. and officials are preparing people for significant risk to both lives and property. as it hit land, the s
: more critical supplies should arrive in the philippines this week. with the obama administration sending two amphibious warships. the air force carrier "uss george washington" should arrive on thursday. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. >> how can you help? we put plenty of resources on our website, abcnews.com. >>> and now, to this breaking overnight. an american airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing on its way from miami to boston. the 757 had to land in orlando because of a cracked windshield. 159 passengers were onboard. no injuries have been reported. once that windshield was fixed, the flight continued on its way. >>> former president clinton joining other leading democrats and calling for changes to obama care. mr. clinton said president obama should honor his word and allow people to keep their health insurance if they're happy with it. >> i personally believe, even if it takes a change in the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they've got. >> as for the health care websit
, and shouting. >> personal thans from president obama to the nation's armed service men and women this holiday welcome. >> good morning, day after thanksgiving to you will after you at 6:00. hoping you had enough turkey year and the leftover are coming today. there is a lot going on with weather and a fatal accident. here is leyla gulen. >> as we take you to san francisco this is where we have a fatal accident involving a pedestrians on i-80 in the eastbound direction a truck hit the pedestrian and now we have all lanes blocked. if you are headed in and identity thanksgiving and you need to make it from the skyway to the bay bridge all lanes have been shut down and you will need to use an alternate. the transition from southbound 101 to eastbound 80 is closed. coming from the peninsula or daly city to the city use 280 to king street. an accident at eastbound 580 at center street involving a vehicle that almost flipped. cy blocking one lane. we have top speeds out of tracy into dublin. we have a beautiful day ahead of us, mild and dry. that is the story for the weekend before it changes. no ret
you criticize obamacare you do not expect president obama to respond, do you? the surprising letter a school teacher got from the commander in chief. >> holiday wrap: what do you do with the leftovers? >> new at 6:00 pizza hut manager fired for refusing to work on thanksgiving gets his old job woah, this k l! the tour. give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant tomato florentine soup, it took a little time to get it just right. [ ding ] ♪ but finally, it happened. perfection. at progresso, we've got a passion for quality, because you've got a passion for taste. people use lysol disinfectant there are hunspray.of ways max's mom uses it on the couch. it freshens, but unlike febreze it's also approved to kill 99.9% of bacteria. with lysol disinfectant spray,
obama. >> obama care. obama care. obama care. >> reporter: from seattle to miami, hundreds of cities across the country are electing mayors today. in new york, bill de blasio, running on a far more liberal agenda than outgoing mayor michael bloomberg, is expected to become the first democrat to lead the city in two decades. in boston, voters are choosing a replacement for long-time mayor tom menino. and in colorado, something unusual is on the ballot. voters in 11 counties are deciding whether they want to continue living in the state or form their own. now, it's not likely these colorado counties will be leaving the state. both the state legislature and the u.s. congress must approve a new state. real interesting one there, john and diana. >> all right. tahman bradley, thank you. >>> president obama is turning to his old political network to help the troubled obama care rollout. at a rally last night, he asked supporters to keep faith with the program and help people sign up. an internal administration memo reveals that the president misled people when he said shoppers could bypass
late-night stop. >> president obama's getting all of the late-night jokes now. >> better him than me. >> when it came to the jokes, nothing was off-limits. not even obama care. >>> and the winner is, cool and confident. "people" magazine crowns its sexiest man alive. >>> and good wednesday morning. we begin with the federal drug investigation that netted a freshman congressman. >> republican trey radel, will answer to charges today in a washington, d.c. courtroom. he already has a message for the voters back home. >> i'm a conservative. >> reporter: overnight, comments flooding the facebook page of first-term florida congressman trey radel. after he posted an apology saying, i am disappointed in myself. and i stand ready to face the consequences of my actions. radel is charged with misdemeanor cocaine possession. he was arrested last month in an fbi sting. and is set to be arraigned today. the 37-year-old blames his struggle with alcoholism for leading him to, quote, a irresponsible choice. his story drawing comparisons to embattled toronto mayor, rob ford. >> i'm n
reached after months of negotiations. now the obama administration must sell this agreement to critics. tahman bradley joins us live from washington with more. tahman? >> reporter: john, good morning to you. the obama administration says this is an important first step. but they know people still need convincing. over the weekend, president obama phoned the israeli prime minister. and secretary of state john kerry will meet with more members of congress. they clinched the deal. iran and six world powers reached a temporary agreement to halt iran's nuclear program. the obama administration is selling it as a game-changer. >> israel will be safer. the region will be safer. iran's 20% uranium will be destroyed. >> reporter: iran will allow daily monitoring of key facilities by u.n. inspectors. in return, the u.s. and allies will ease some economic sanctions, about $7 billion worth. many are skeptical that iran will change. >> it's an historic mistake. >> reporter: israel condemned the deal. was a it leaves in place iran's infrastructure to produce nuclear fuel. some members of congress ex
morning. we begin with president obama's approval ratings, taking a major beating in the latest poll released overnight. >> he is hitting new record lows, as frustration mounts over not just the rollout of obama care but the new health care law overall. the abc news/"washington post" poll puts the president obama's overall job approval rating at just 42%. down 15% points this year. 55 disapprove, a new record high for his presidency. and the president's other ratings are tumbling, as well. 46% see him as a strong leader. 47% see him as honest and trustworthy. and 47% say he understands americans' problems. fueling the negativity is the botched rollout of obama care. americans by nearly 2-1, disapprove of his handling of the rollout. and opposition to the affordable care act is at an all-time high, 57%. last week, the president said he didn't know the extent of the problems with the obama care website when it launched. >> i'm accused of a lot of things. but i don't think i'm stupid enough to go around saying this is going to be like shopping on amazon or travelocity. >> reporter: and
spirit at a washington, d.c. food bank. president obama, the first lady, as well as daughters, malia and sasha, and first grandmother, marian robinson, all handed out the necessary fixins for a fine meal. today, the obamas will spend the thanksgiving holiday at the white house. >>> and two very lucky birds will not end up on the thanksgiving table today. president obama carried out the traditional turkey pardon yesterday at the white house. caramel and popcorn will spend their retirement years at a virginia farm, unlike many of their colleagues. >> at least we saved two. >> yeah. >>> there was much more serious business at the white house yesterday, as well. the nation's small businesses were told that they'd have to wait another year before signing up for health care coverage online. abc's devin dwyer has more. >> reporter: the technical glitches at healthcare.gov have claimed another victim. this time, online insurance signups for small businesses. now delayed for one more year. it's the latest embarrassment for the white house, which had hailed the new system. >> this is good news
with more. tahman? >> john, good morning to you. the obama administration say this is is an important first step. over the week end, president obama phoned the israeli prime minister. and secretary of state john kerry will meet with more members of congress. they clinched the deal. iran and six world powers reached agreement to halt iran's nuclear program. >> israel will be safer. the region will be safer. iran's 20% you ra-- uranium wil be destroyed. >> in return, the u.s. and allies will ease some economic sanctions, about $7 billion worth. many are skeptical that iran will change. >> it's an historic mistake. >> reporter: israel condemned the deal. some members of congress expressed doubts. >> i would caution the president from overselling the deal. it's not a full dismantling of their program. >> reporter: before the geneva meeting, the administration held secret talks with iran. a longer term deal should require iran give up its ability to enrich uranium. >> i thing you'll see on capitol hill again, a bipartisan effort to make sure this is not the final agreement. >> reporter: the obam
for shopping. >> when you criticize obamacare do you expect president obama to respond in the surprising letter a school teacher got from the commander in chief. >> a holiday wrap: what to do with your thanksgiving day leftovers >>> doing good could make you $7,000 richer. go to our facebook page and take the pledge to give where you live. with each pledge we will donate $1 in your honor up to $75,000 and everyone who take the pledge will be entered to win $7,000 cash announced on december 19. spread the love the help us give where you live. >> a texas schoolteacher who wrote a letter to president obama criticizing the affordable care act got the surprise, a handwritten letter from the president himself. he was shocked at the personal reply which read in part i sincerely believe health care reform was right for the country but certainly not the smart political thing. did the response make an impression? no, he is auctioning off the letter for a minimum bid $24,000. >> facebook is not just for keeping up with old friends but this morning it is helping a four-year-old boy deal with embarrassment
and john, good morning. republican states are refusing obama care, complicating the rollout. it's a problem the president is taking head-on. president obama is back on offense, defending his health care law on hostile turf. he traveled to texas, 1 of 36 states that have refused to set up its own insurance marketplace. the lone star state has declined to expand medicaid. the president urged governor rick perry to reconsider. >> folks who are complaining about how the website is not working. and yet, they're leaving a million people right now without health insurance, that they could immediately fix. >> reporter: president obama again admitted he is frustrated by the failure of the healthcare.gov website. >> this is like having a really good product in the store, and the cash registers don't work. and there aren't enough parking spots. >> reporter: the obama administration is now taking heat about the botched health care rollout from democrats. yesterday at the white house, the president heard complaints from 16 democratic senators up for re-election next year. on capitol hill, health and hum
. >> the people of this city have chosen a progressive path. >> reporter: president obama worked the phones, congratulating some of last night's big winners, including de blasio and mcauliffe. one person he did not call, governor christie. john and diana? >> tahman bradley, live in washington for us. thank you. >>> other notable election results. props featured prominently in two states. voters in portland, maine's largest city, legalized possession of recreational amounts of marijuana. >> the measure got about 67% of support. even with the vote, pot possession remains illegal under state and federal law. >> in colorado, voters had agreed to a 25% tax on marijuana sales. the estimated $67 million generated by the tax will go towards building schools and regulating pot shops. >>> and detroit has elected a new mayor. but he won't have much to say in running the cash-strapped city. he is the motor city's first white mayor in 40 years. but a state-appointed emergency manager will maintain control of the city's finances until it emerges from bankruptcy. >>> an effort to save the astrodome has be
to exchain its actions. >>> president obama has his thanksgiving message for the nation. he gave thanks to the troops and their families for the sacrifice. he called ten members to deliver that message personally to them. and he sat down with abc's barbara walters. >> mr. president, do you have a thanksgiving message? >> there's a lot of people out there who work hard every day, do right by their families. but are still working through some of their ravages of that big recession that we had. my message to them is, know that every day i'm going to be working as hard as i can on your behalf. americans, i think, deep down, care about each other. and want to do the right thing. >> the first family volunteered at a charity on wednesday, they were yesterday at the white house, with other family members visiting from chicago. >>> and tonight on a special edition of "20/20," barbara walters asks president obama about the rough rollout of his health care plan. and when he thinks the u.s. will elect a first female president. that's coming up at 10:00 eastern time tonight. >>> speaking of u.s. tro
. this morning, president obama tries to slow the growing frustration over the health care overhaul. we're live in washington. >>> and developing overnight. new details into a family that seemingly vanished years ago. the grisly discovery that's reopened this investigation. >>> mid-air mystery. a bizarre call from a pilot in the air. >> mayday. mayday. mayday. >> then, a frantic investigation in the ocean. what happened at 2,000 feet that now has a passenger missing? >>> split scene. a hollywood action star shows off his talent in a must-see stunt. >>> and good friday morning. we do begin with president obama taking the fall for the problematic rollout of his health care law. >> during a news conference that lasted under an hour, the president profusely apologized nearly 30 different ways. >> i do make apologies for not having executing better. that's on me. that's something i deeply regret. we did fumble the ball on it. i feel deeply responsible. >> and the president also announced a rule change to his plan. abc's kristin fisher, live in washington, now, with details. good mornin
the road with the message obama care is working. this week, the administration will keep pushing for people to enroll despite problems with the healthcare.gov website. later today, the president tries to rally grass roots supporters to the cause of trying to sign up uninsured consumers. there could be more trouble for people seeking to enroll online. the administration says healthcare.gov will be down every night from 1:00 to 5:00 a.m. for maintenance. >> i can promise you that the first enrollment numbers released later this month are not going to be what we want them to be. >> reporter: as the administration scrambles to fix the site, republicans have upped their attack on the health carroll out. >> i would say to the president, why doesn't he call a time out on this. >> reporter: they point to millions of americans who may lose their insurance under the law's changes. >> i think the key thing that the president is trying to get away from, and that is he told people they could keep their insurance and that was not the truth. >> reporter: supporters counter that america is being forced to
iran. the obama administration opposes that. as of now, the talks resume a week from wednesday. diana? >> tahman bradley, thank you. >>> four american tourists have been killed in the crash of a sightseeing plane off grand bahama island. investigators did not release the victims' names. the pilot radioed he was having engine problems. before the crash. >>> a sheriff in texas is calling it a birthday party gone wild. two people were killed and dozens injured near houston. both victims were students from a nearby high school. investigators say the initial shot was fired in celebration. that caused somebody to begin shooting into the crowd. two suspects are still on the loose. >>> this is veterans day. the day set aside to remember americans who have served their country. president obama has breakfast with a group of vets. and then lays a wreath at arlington national cemetery. >>> the majority of schools and government offices are closed today. no mail delivery. but the new york stock exchange is open as are some banks. >>> los angeles got an early start holding the veterans day parade y
obama and his family spent time as first fans yesterday. they headed to see oregon state play maryland. oregon state is coached by the president's brother-in-law, craig robinson. the terps and the beavers. close enough game. the obamas stayed until it was over. in the end, oregon state came out with a seven-point victory. >>> let's talk fowl. the turkey kind. a turkey shortage could have you looking long and hard for the right thanksgiving day bird. >>> and highway drama. cops open fire on a minivan filled with kids. why the driver is under arrest. and what the department says about the officers' actions. >>> waiting game. a university hopes an emergency vaccine will be approved as a potentially deadly disease is spreading across campus. >>> welcome back. there could be a stock market milestone today. with a gain of 39 points, the dow would cross the 16,000 mark. and any gain whatsoever would mean the dow's 39th record close this year. the dow and s&p 500 have posted gains for six straight weeks. >>> sony says more than 1 million of the new playstation 4 game consoles were sold in the
of the courthouse. >>> president obama sent some time reflecting on the life of john f. kennedy, just days before the 50th anniversary of his assassination. >> the president was joined by his wife and bill and hillary clinton, in laying a wreath at kennedy's gravesite at arlington national cemetery. president obama says kennedy stays in the nation's imagination because of the character of the body he led. >>> earlier, he awarded the medal of freedom, to president clinton. 15 others were honored. the medal of freedom was established by jfk. but he was killed before he had a chance to award any of them. >>> time, now, for the weather across the nation. another day of dry weather for the east today. but a light band of rain showers will stretch from texas into the great lakes. with a band of snow extending from arizona to wisconsin. mountain areas could see heavy accumulations. rain showers for southern california. >> highs for the northeast will be in the 40s. mild across the midwest. windchills could fall below zero in wyoming and parts of colorado. >>> someone hit the jackpot and doesn't even kno
through president obama's health care law. far less than the 500,000 that the administration had hoped for. the new numbers for the botched launch of the law, are giving republicans new fuel in their efforts to repeal it. >> when you step back and look at the totality of this, i don't think it's ever going to work. >> reporter: even before the numbers came out, the white house blamed the website's many glitches. >> i can only tell you we fully expected the number would be lower than anticipated because of the significant challenges caused by the website. >> reporter: just 26,000 enrolled using healthcare.gov. the rest signed up through state exchanges, which fared far better, especially in california, the state with the nation's largest uninsured population. more people enrolled there, than in all the states using the federal website combined. >> it's not about the numbers. behind every one of those numbers is a real person. a person whose live is being changed by getting health care. >> reporter: senate democrats are working on a bill to help fix the troubled rollout. but a similar propos
home. but there's been no reply. >>> president obama wraps up a west coast fund-raising trip this afternoon. while in los angeles, he took time to meet with the family of the tsa officer killed at l.a.x. airport earlier this month. in addition to visiting relatives, the president also met with the tsa officer wounded in that same attack. >>> and just hours earlier, the president was speaking at a community center in san francisco. he was talking about immigration reform when he was interrupted by a heckler. >> as a nation -- >> i need your help. there are thousands -- >> that's exactly what we're talking about here. >> you have a power to stop -- >> it won't be as easy as just shouting. it requires to get it done. >> the heckler, an undocumented college student from south korea, wanted the president to use executive powers to top departing illegal immigrants. >>> new developments in the ohio rape case that touched off a national controversy. the school superintendent and three others were charged with lying or failing to report child abuse. the charges are linked to the rape
to obama care will be decided by the supreme court. at issue is whether employers must provide contraception to employees even when it goes against the employers religion beliefs. craft chain hobby lobby, is among the retailers challenging the law. a decision by the court will likely come next summer. >>> the virginia lawmaker stabbed by his son is out of the hospital and sharing his sadness about the attack. creigh deeds said the mental health system failed his son, who suffered from bipolar disorder. gus deeds killed himself after attacking his father. deeds made a statement to his reporter. i will work for change. i owe that to my precious son. >>> o.j. simpson has been handed a court defeat, losing his bid for a possible new trial. a judge rejecting the former nfl star's claims. his attorney concealed the chance of a plea bargain deal and his lawyer was incompetent. simpson is serving 9 to 32 years for kidnapping and armed robbery. >>> there's huge reaction this morning to last night's "dancing with the stars." and its newly-crowned champion. >> a star-studded finale came d
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